Monday, October 14, 2013

First Major Set Back: Salon Visit/Trim (Pic Heavy)

As you all know I recently started battling postpartum shedding. Due to this shedding and improperly handling of my hair during stretching I suspected that I had a set back. This was confirmed when I went to the salon on September 26th. I couldn't get in contact with the stylist I usually go to so I decided to finally use one my co-worker suggested. When I entered the salon this stylist was the only one working. She was washing someones' hair at the time. After that she roller-set the other client's hair. When I looked at my watch I realized I had waited 18 minutes without being serviced. Waiting after my appointment time is one sure way to annoy me and loose me as a customer. By this time 2 other women had entered the salon. I think I may have waited 25 minutes total. It wasn't too terrible and luckily I wasn't that pressed for time.

I hold my head in shame as I admit that I don't know what products she used in my hair. I was sort of preoccupied with my daughter. I do know she shampooed, conditioned, and then detangled my hair. She used a spray heat protectant before blow drying and then a cream based one before curling. Somewhere in between these steps she informed me that I had major breakage in my crown and my ends were in pretty bad shape. She asked if I wanted her to trim to which I obliged. She then told me because of the shedding my hair was uneven in some parts and it would be better to cut my hair in layers. I'm assuming she meant I would loose less hair with the layers. I had been thinking about layers anyway so I said go for it!

Directly after leaving salon

My hair turned out fabulous! When I say my hair was laid, hunty!!! My hair looks and feels healthy! I did notice a decrease in shedding during the first week. I think it was due to manipulating my hair less. Also I didn't have to worry about those infamous fairy/single stran knots! I was starting to have single strand knots galore! I will definitely be going back to this salon. She did an amazing job and was reasonably priced.

Birthday dinner for my Fiance. Good friend of mine did the make up! 

Surprise birthday party for my fiance. Day 2 hair!

**Update: After my curls fell and I was able to see the length I became a little sad. I miss my length already! I will be on a plan to get my length back and fast! Check out The Beauty Biologist Blog for all things beauty! She did my make up in the above and below pic! My face was beat!!

Side bar: My hairline is really suffering from this shedding. My edges are becoming non existent and wearing a pony is probably not going to happen anytime soon! A lot of women experience the postpartum shedding in the hairline. Hopefully with Castor Oil and being consistent with my haircare I can repair this damage. 

It now appears that I am full shoulder length again. Le'Sigh! I was really hoping to make BSL by December but that goal will have to be put on hold. Right now I just want to focus on slowing down this shedding and regrowing my edges hence why I have not had a monthly goal post. I plan to keep my hair straight for a while with roller-sets to see if the shedding decreases. I will also be incorporating tea rinses in my hair regimen. As always I will keep you updated with my progress. Until next time happy hair growing!

Official length check! T-Shirt from JustGrowAlready.