Friday, January 24, 2014

Hair Cut and Huge Announcement

Yesterday I posted a picture of 3-4 inches (my estimate) of cut hair on my Instagram account. The picture above is the one posted. I also sent a picture message to my best friends and they demanded to know what I had done. I know you to are dying to know what I have done. Before I share that story let me start from the beginning.

As most of you know my last relaxer was last June. What you didn't know was that after relaxing my hair I started to have regrets. My last stretch lasted 6 months and during this time I contemplated transitioning to natural hair. After finding out I was having a daughter I wanted to teach her all about growing healthy and long natural hair. I wanted her to be able to properly care for her natural hair so that if she decided to relax her hair it wouldn't be from a lack of knowledge. I then decided what better way to teach her than to show her. Later I decided this was not enough for me to make the commitment to transition. My hair was starting to break badly at the line of demarcation so at that time I felt the best thing to do was end my stretch

After texlaxing my hair I became bored with my hair and my hair journey. I found myself gravitating more towards those styles that look better with natural hair, well in my opinion anyways. After having a discussion with one of my best friends she shared with me that she had interest in going natural as well. Long story short I decided to make the commitment to transition to natural hair! I honestly didn't plan to share this information until I was a year post relaxer. I wanted to make sure I was fully committed to this journey and I am. I decided I want to do a long transition over a course of 2 years. Instead of big chopping I plan to do a couple mini chops. 

This brings me to my Instagram picture. I planned to do my first cut after my wedding in June, but now that I'm leaning more towards a sew-in, I figured the length of my hair wouldn't matter that much. I have been having the urge to cut some of my hair because I want to see what my natural texture will look like. Today after seeing some pictures on IG of beautiful natural hair of all textures I went to my bathroom and found my hair shears. I brushed my hair straight back and grabbed half my hair and cut. I then grabbed the second half and cut. After cutting I wasn't upset nor did I have any regrets. I actually felt that I am closer to reaching my ultimate goal of becoming fully natural. I actually thought "It's just hair!". My hair is a little uneven, but I am okay with that for now. I plan to do a 2 month no direct heat challenge so the next time I straighten my hair I will make sure it is even. My next mini cut will probably take place after my wedding. 

I can't believe I'm finally sharing that I am transitioning to natural hair! I hope you continue to follow me as I embark on a new hair journey. I will be sharing my ups and downs as I have been doing with my relaxed hair journey. I'll also continue to provide information on all hair types. This will not turn into a natural hair only blog. All information I have provided and will continue to provide can be applied to hair of all types.

About 3 weeks before mini chop

Post Mini chop

Monday, January 6, 2014

The Liebster Award!

I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Anything Hair Related and Healthy Hair Diary. Check out their blogs by clicking on the links. They provide tons of great information of healthy hair care! I want to thank both of you for thinking of me and my blog. The rules are stated above. Instead of answering 22 questions I will pick 6 questions from each of the ladies to answer below.

11 Facts about Blutiful Blaq
1.      I'm getting married June 14, 2014.
2.      I love the giant dill pickles with lemonade Kool-Aid sprinkled on top.
3.      I hate bugs! They creep me out.
4.      I use to love reality TV, but not as much since I gave it up for a season.
5.      I day dream a lot!
6.      I love getting my feet massaged! There is just something about a good foot massage that drives me crazy!
7.      As a kid I thought smoking cigarettes was cool because my mom did it. I am so grateful that I never picked up that habit.
8.      I hate talking on the phone and would much rather text. I'm the type of person who will decline your call, but answer your text a few minutes later.
9.      As a teenager I was not allowed to wear make-up or nail polish. I was not even allowed to get my ears pierced and thus got them done at age 18.
10. I love flowers! When I get flowers I keep them until they are dead and crunchy! 
11. I get sleepy when it's cold and I'm wide awake when it's hot. Weird, I know. 

Questions from Anything Hair Related
1.      If someone asked you to give them a random piece of advice, what would you say? Keep God first in all that you do!
2.      Do you have a hair crush? I have tons! Here are a few in no particular order: KissSeventyseven, CoCogLam22 MahoganyCurlsMoknowshairFusionsofcultureShorty2sweet59, and Ebony of Longing4Length.
3.      Do you prefer towel drying, blow drying or natural drying your hair? I actually prefer t-shirt drying and then air-drying in a bun.
4.      What did your last Tweet/Facebook post say? My Last FB post "The first batch of save-a-dates are in the mail! Don't forget to register on the website and check back frequently for updates!"
5.      In a movie about your life, which actor or actress would you like to play your character? Sanaa Lathan because she is so beautiful and talented!
6.      What's your favorite iPhone/Android app? Probably would be YouTube since I use it almost daily. 
Questions from Healthy Hair Diary

1.      How many blogs do you follow? 70 through blogluvin
2.      What length do you consider long hair? Probably somewhere from BSL to MBL depending on the height of the person
3.      What is your most expensive hair purchase to date? My LCL Hairdryer for $129 plus tax.
4.      Do you have any hobbies, share at least 2? I collect postcards and watch YT videos. Can the latter count as a hobby?
5.      What is your favourite TV series? Criminal Minds and Law and Order SVU run neck and neck.
6.      Are you left or right handed? Right handed
I nominate whoever is reading this blog! Share your link in the comment section below. I love reading random facts from bloggers and vloggers I follow.

My questions:
1.      What is your goal length?
2.      Where is your dream vacation?
3.      What do you do for a living?
4.      What is the weirdest thing/food you have ever eaten?
5.      What's your most used phrase or word?
6.      What is your favorite hair product?
7.      What's your most annoying habit?
8.      What state do you currently reside?
9.      Who is your hair crush?
10. What's your favorite season?
11. What is your favorite place to eat?