Sunday, March 25, 2012


I don't co-wash a lot. It's not for any particular reason. I just find that washing my hair several times a week to be a bit much right now. My hair was feeling a tad bit on the dry side so I decided to co-wash.

For those who don't know what co-washing is, it's just washing. Your hair and scalp with conditioner. It's usually done with a cheap conditioner. I use whatever I have on hand at the time. This wash I used V05 Moisture Milk. I believe the scent was tropical smoothie. Before I co-washed I DCed with NTM Daily Conditioner. My hair likes his much better than DCing after washing. I still will not be repurchasing this item, but I now know how to to finish the product. After co-washing I applied my Cantu Shea Leave-in, put my hair in a pony tail, and went out the door.

My hair loved the co-wash. My hair was much more moisturized than when I shampoo even though I use a sulfate-free shampoo. I think I will co-wash more. Maybe once a week. I'm still enjoying the way my hair feels!! I just may change up my regimen.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Black Tie Gala Hair and OOTN (Pic Heavy)

Last Saturday I attended a black tie affair for my formal band director at Tuskegee University. He was celebrating 40 years with the university and a gala was held in his honor. It was absolutely beautiful! Well I told you how my hair didn't come out the way I wanted and I wasn't too pleased. I totally forgot my blog automatically posts to my FB page and some people who went to the gala commented and told my they thought my hair looked nice. I even received positive feedback from my in-laws. They were very impressed when they found out I did my own hair.

After looking back at pictures I realized my hair was not as bad as I thought it was after all. My thoughts may also have been swayed by the various comments I received. But at any rate I am much more receptive to trying another wet flexi-rod set. Before I share pictures let me share what I learned from this experience:
  1. Keep a positive attitude- This definitely affects my level of motivation. 
  2. When using end papers I still need to roll my hair over the ends- I didn't get this concept at first and I ended up with some frizzy ends.
  3. When rolling the front of my hair I need to put my hair under the roller.
  4. If the curl does not come out right I can always re-roll on dry hair using a moisturizer.
  5. Do not be heavy handed on the foam lotion or it will result in hard hair.
I know you came here mainly to see the pics so here they are. Enjoy!

My son with his tux on looking so handsome!

Dress, Flower Belt, Shoes & Earrings- White House Black Market

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Flexi Rod #1 (Wash Day)

As part of my march goals I committed to 3 flexi rod sets this month. I'm really trying to perfect this style! I decided to do a flexi set on dry hair for this black tie gala I will be attending this weekend. *sigh* I probably should have gone to the shop to get my hair done for this event and "played" around with my hair when I didn't have anywhere important to go. But I had this vision of how my hair would turn out.

Before I get into the details on my flexi rods I will share the details of my wash day prep. I prepooed my hair for maybe 30 mins with EVOO under a plastic cap. I then used my new CON with Argon Oil products to wash and DC my hair. After DCing I did a clear rinse with Jazzings. The results were to like the last time so I think it's safe to say my shine was the result of the Ic Fantasia heat protectant serum. Now I'm not sure how I feel about continuing with a clear rinse in my regimen. I just may have to use other brands.

To prep for my flexi set I sprayed my CON with Argon Oil leave-in. I'm still not sure how I feel about this product. I will say that I think I like this shampoo better than the L'Oreal EverStrong because it cleans my scalp better and it leaves my hair more moisturized. I will continue to assess my hair after a little more use. I think put about a quarter size amount of GVP's Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum. So far I'm not sold on this product and let me explain why.

After I set my hair using Elasta QP my hair came out a little frizzy. Could have been a combo of my technique or lack there of when setting my hair. I used purple rods in the back and blue in the front. I didn't take pics after I took ten down because I was disappointed I. The results. I definitely need more practice and plan to do another set this week. It will probably be on dry hair his time.

To dry my hair I used my SIL hooded dryer. I was soooo uncomfortable and her dryer gets so hot it makes my hair sweat. So I kept switching between 30 mins high and 15 mins cool. After an hour under the dryer my top was completely dry, but my back was still damp. I was very irritated at this point. So I went back under for another 30 mins before my hair was dry. I took out the rollers shine! The clear rinse was not successful. I added Argon Oil for shine. I had to re-rod some parts on dry hair because frizz.

Over all my hair was not a complete disaster but a far cry from successful. I will be getting more practice. Sorry for the lack of pictures. I probably should have taken some just so I can look back when I progress. I will have some pics later of my OOTN and how I styled my flexi-rod set.

Friday, March 16, 2012

New Hair Goodies!

Shika from hairiamworld hosted a giveaway about a month or so ago and I was one of the winners. I received my prize a couple of weeks ago, but I'm just getting around to sharing it with you. I won Creme of Nature Argon Oil Moisture and Shine Shampoo, Intense Conditioning Treatment, Strength and Shine leave-in conditioner. I also won Hemp Seed Oil and Cassia. I'm very excited about the CON! I have been searching high and low in my area for the complete line and only found it after I won. So if I find out I love this line I know where I can purchase some more. I'm gonna be totally honest and let you know I'm not familiar with Cassia. I think I read in someone's blog a few days ago about it thickening the hair. I will definitely be doing some research on this product and sharing with you what I discover.

I also received some samples of Organic Root Simulator's HairRepair Line. I received the Intense Moisture Creme and Anti-Breakage Creme. I plan on trying these out sometime in the future.

If anyone has tried these products or others in the line let me know how they worked for you.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm Back! (Wash Day)

After a much needed spring break I am back feeling refreshed and motivated! I have officially rededicated myself to my hair journey. 

I washed my hair on Monday and it was a much needed TLC session with my hair! I have not had the opportunity to enjoy my wash day in a about a month. I've really been doing quick wash days. Monday I decided to take my time. I pre-pooed overnight with EVCO. I initially wanted to use honey, but my new growth is not hard to manage at all. I will be 9 weeks post on Friday and my hair has been a breeze to manage. I don't think I will have much trouble doing long stretches. After pre-pooing I gave my scalp a great massage/shampoo session. I will definitely be clarifying on Friday when I wash my hair. I DC'ed without heat for about 3 hours. I then air-dried my hair using the scarf method. Since then I've been wearing my hair in a pony-tail or bun. I plan on doing a flexi rod set tonight on dry hair. 

It feels really great to be back and motivated. I know that I need to practice, practice, practice when it comes to styling my hair!! I realized that I become easily frustrated when my hair does not turn out the way I envisioned it. I'm so hyped up and motivated when it comes to doing a style, but after execution that excitement goes out the window. This is partially why my March goes include at least 3 flexi-rod sets. I'm determined to perfect this style. 

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I See a Slacker!


I have fell completely off the wagon! Yes, I've been neglecting my hair. Lately I have stretched my wash days to every two weeks due to time, stress, a heavy workload, and lack of motivation. I told you in a previous post or two that I am in my last semester of nursing school and it has been overwhelming to say the least. I'm just getting off a much needed spring break and I took full advantage of that time. I probably should have been blogging a little more while I had a free moment, but I've been spending the time with my family. I know my son really appreciated that.

I need to really get back on dedicating myself to washing my hair weekly and trying more new styles. I've seen my hair thrive since starting my HHJ and I would hate to loose that progress. I've seen several bloggers post about monthly goals and I think I should really commit to making them and sticking to them. So I'm recommitting myself to my HHJ AND ECP's Roller-setting challenge. I think this will help me with perfecting new styles. So here are my March Goals:

1.At least least 3 Flexi-Rod Sets
2. Wash Day Weekly (Sunday is wash Day)
3. Stick to Regimen
4. M&S every night
4. Oil Scalp at least 3 times per week
5. No direct heat

Very basic and attainable goals! I hope that you are having a better time with you than me! HHG Ladies!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Blog Update

So I finally finished updating my blog by completing the "My Hair Section". Check it out by clicking on the tab above or following this link! Hope u all enjoy your weekend!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Hooded Dryer Talk/Babble

I planned to purchase my hooded dryer this week. After months of research I decided to purchase the LCL  Salon Hair Dryer on Wheels. I was very disappointed to find out it is out of stock and there is no expected date of when it will be back in. The representative estimated another 4 or 5 weeks. I was really looking forward roller-setting more. I actually planned to do a flexi-rod up do for a Black Tie Affair I will attending in a few weeks.

I actually thought about purchasing another dryer, but could not find one I love that is in my budget for this month. So basically my plan is to wait until next month to see if the dryer is back in stock and purchase or just purchase another dryer all together. I'm leaning toward the 2000 Watt Pebco Hooded Dryer. Not necessarily that dryer, but definitely that brand. In the mean time I will be using my SIL's trusty tabletop for my flexi-rod up do. I will just plan to be under the dryer about two hours. -__-

Oh and I will definitely be having a post dedicated to the Black Tie Affair Event I will be attending.