Sunday, March 11, 2012

I See a Slacker!


I have fell completely off the wagon! Yes, I've been neglecting my hair. Lately I have stretched my wash days to every two weeks due to time, stress, a heavy workload, and lack of motivation. I told you in a previous post or two that I am in my last semester of nursing school and it has been overwhelming to say the least. I'm just getting off a much needed spring break and I took full advantage of that time. I probably should have been blogging a little more while I had a free moment, but I've been spending the time with my family. I know my son really appreciated that.

I need to really get back on dedicating myself to washing my hair weekly and trying more new styles. I've seen my hair thrive since starting my HHJ and I would hate to loose that progress. I've seen several bloggers post about monthly goals and I think I should really commit to making them and sticking to them. So I'm recommitting myself to my HHJ AND ECP's Roller-setting challenge. I think this will help me with perfecting new styles. So here are my March Goals:

1.At least least 3 Flexi-Rod Sets
2. Wash Day Weekly (Sunday is wash Day)
3. Stick to Regimen
4. M&S every night
4. Oil Scalp at least 3 times per week
5. No direct heat

Very basic and attainable goals! I hope that you are having a better time with you than me! HHG Ladies!

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  1. I think its great that you relaxed & took time to be to yourself and your family. It's okay, girl! Its great to stay on schedule, but it's still great to let go every once in a while. I'm sure your hair will far exceeds your goals. :)

    Have a blessed day, girly♥