Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm Back! (Wash Day)

After a much needed spring break I am back feeling refreshed and motivated! I have officially rededicated myself to my hair journey. 

I washed my hair on Monday and it was a much needed TLC session with my hair! I have not had the opportunity to enjoy my wash day in a about a month. I've really been doing quick wash days. Monday I decided to take my time. I pre-pooed overnight with EVCO. I initially wanted to use honey, but my new growth is not hard to manage at all. I will be 9 weeks post on Friday and my hair has been a breeze to manage. I don't think I will have much trouble doing long stretches. After pre-pooing I gave my scalp a great massage/shampoo session. I will definitely be clarifying on Friday when I wash my hair. I DC'ed without heat for about 3 hours. I then air-dried my hair using the scarf method. Since then I've been wearing my hair in a pony-tail or bun. I plan on doing a flexi rod set tonight on dry hair. 

It feels really great to be back and motivated. I know that I need to practice, practice, practice when it comes to styling my hair!! I realized that I become easily frustrated when my hair does not turn out the way I envisioned it. I'm so hyped up and motivated when it comes to doing a style, but after execution that excitement goes out the window. This is partially why my March goes include at least 3 flexi-rod sets. I'm determined to perfect this style. 


  1. Wohoo! We can perfect our styles together ♥

    Raven vs the Rollerset
    Blu vs the Flexirod

    May the HHJ'ing participants place first overall! :P

    *is corny*

    Girl, I need to get back in the habit, too! I feel as if I've been neglecting my hair. I still need to get those ends trimmed, and ever since last week when I over moisturized, I've been wearing my hair pulled back in a du-ball (faux bun like thing). My poor beautiful healthy *supposed to be* flourishing hair D;

    Well, as we speak I'm doing my no heat DC and I'm due to wash in less than ten minutes. I shall complete with a roller set, we'll see how the contestant (my hair) stands up to rolling wonder ;o

    HHG, girl. I'm glad you back at it :)

    Have a great day, girly! ♥

  2. IT's so corny and over-used but "Practice really does make perfect!" You'll get it!! Has the dryer gone back in stock yet?

    I still have to perfect wet-sets using flexi-rods... they never last more than a day for me!