Friday, June 14, 2013

10 Random Facts About Me! Blog Edition

I see these videos going around on YouTube and I love to watch them and find out non-hair related things about the people I follow. I decided to do a blog edition so that you may all get
to know me on a more personal level. So here it goes.

1. I'm a Band Geek. I love marching bands. I mean who goes to a football game to watch the game? I go for the halftime show. This is particularly true fpr HBCU games. I played in Tuskegee University's Marching Crimson Piper Band for 3 years. 

2. I'm very affectionate. I love to cuddle and kiss all over my baby and fiancĂ©e. I don't know where it comes from because my parents are the complete opposite. 

3. I'm in love with all things related to Ancient Egypt. I think it's so fascinating and can watch documentaries on it all day! I even thought about getting a second degree in Egyptology even though I wouldn't consider it as a career choice. 

4. I'm a picker eater. There are probably more things on my list of foods that I don't eat than the foods that I do eat. I also have to have a "taste" for something in order for me to eat it. I have been known to go without eating because there was nothing in the kitchen I wanted. Don't worry I have not been doing that since I have been pregnant. 

5. I'm easily irritable when I'm sleepy. I will even go as far as to say I'm mean and grouchy. Grrrrrr

6. I'm getting married next June to my first love. I'm so excited to start the next chapter in my life! 

7. I love chick flicks! I usually end up watching them by myself but I absolutely love them. 

8. I love movies popcorn. I can not go to a theater without getting some. I've even gone to a theater just to pick up some popcorn and leave! 

9. I have zero atlethic skills. I tried playing basketball, volleyball, and tennis before. I'm horrible. I just hope my kids don't take after me. 

10. I'm very family oriented. Spending time with my family is my absoutle favorite past time. Even if we're just sitting in the same room doing different things I am content. 98% of the time I make sure that we eat dinner together. This is my favorite part of the day. 

Well I hope this gives you more insight of me! I tag all of you who read this. Post your link in the comment section! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wash Day Post! Monday June 3, 2013

Source: Google Images

I finally washed my hair on my own! I'm shocked myself. I took my son to a pool party that Saturday and even though I didn't dip my head in the pool I'm sure my edges got wet. I'm currently working on a post about my swim hair regimen. It should be posted sometime this weekend so be on the lookout.

Here are the steps to my wash day which actually started Sunday night.

  • Pre-pooed with Tresemme Moisture Rich Conditioner overnight. I sectioned my hair in two sections. I covered my hair with two plastic caps and a satin hair bonnet.
  • The next morning I clarified my hair with my Ion Clarifying Shampoo. I kept my hair in the two separate sections while shampooing, conditioning, and detangling. I don't like how dry my hair is after clarifying so I usually try to follow up with a moisturizing shampoo. 
  • I next washed my hair with L'oreal EverStrong Hydrating Shampoo. I have not used this shampoo in a long time and I almost forgot how much I love it! I think I will be repurchasing this one and swapping it out with the Creme of Nature Moisture Shine Shampoo
  • I rinsed out very well and decided to do a protein treatment with Aphogee's 2 Minute Resconstructor. I left this on my hair for about 5 minutes. I was going to follow up with a deep conditioner, but I didn't for two reasons. One I was starting to feel a little sick and two my hair was already super soft.
  • I broke my two sections into four total sections to add my leave-in conditioner and  detangle. My new-growth was definitely prevalent, but surprisingly not unmanageable. I'm currently 6 months post relaxer. 
  • I used a new leave in conditioner I purchased a few weeks prior, GVP's Conditioner which is suppose to be comparable to Paul Mitchell's The Conditioner. I will have a review on this product once I use it more. I sealed with EVOO.
  • I detangled my hair with a wide tooth comb and twisted my hair in a bunch of semi-large twists to air dry. After my hair air-dried I put my hair into a bun. I really should have blow-dried my hair on cool to stretch out my new-growth. 
My wash day was very simple and I plan to wash again today Wednesday June, 12, 2013 if I can build up the energy. I plan to do some small two-strand twist. This will be my delivery protective style. I will have a post up after wash day! How was your last wash day? 

Monday, June 3, 2013

June Goals

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It seems like forever since I have done a monthly goal post. I am due to have my baby girl in a couple of weeks so I should be able to do something to my hair soon. I really miss doing my own hair! Well below are my june goals.

  • Wash and deep condition my hair at least 1x 
  • Steam hair for at least 30 mins using homemade steam method. (Will share in a later post).
  • Clarify hair! 
  • Do a set of two strand twists
  • Make homemade shea butter
  • Use castor oil on my scalp and edges at least 4x per week for at 2 weeks.
I think my goals are simple and obtainable. What are your montly hair goals?