Saturday, November 3, 2012

Wash Day (My dryer is here!!!)

I ordered my LCL Beauty Salon Hooded dryer on wheels last week Friday and it was delivered yesterday Friday 11/3/12. The shipping was right on time and I could not have been more happy! It took me probably an hour to put together only because I'm not very handy and I was waiting to for my Honey to assist me. So for an average person it would probably take 20 mins or less. So far it's durable and heats great. It's way too soon to do a review, but I will make sure that I will post a review a month from now.


This week I decided to do a hard protein treatment because I plan to relax next week. I'm 11 weeks post and I'm not about that life!!! My new growth is so thick and my hair is having a hard time holding moisture. I think this is due to the change in weather (it's getting cold here) and my lack of energy time to moisturize my hair. I just started my new job a few weeks ago and it's kicking my butt! I love it, but my body has yet to adjust. This is how this weeks wash day went.

1. Pre-Poo with EVOO and EVCO for 30 mins under my hooded dryers
2. Clarified with Ion Clarifying Shampoo
3. Shampoo washed with CON Argon Oil sulfate free 
4. Hard Protein treatment with Aphogee 2 Step Protein + the Balancing conditioner w/ hooded dryer until hair was hard
5. Conditioner Rinse with CON Argon Oil deep conditioner (I probably should have DCed with heat, but I was feeling lazy.
6. Leave in conditioner CON Argon Oil leave in spray + GVP's PM Super Skinny Serum
7. Air-dried overnight in a bun

I tried to detangle my hair in the shower, as usual, but my hair was not cooperating! I know it's because of the hard protein treatment. I ended up detangling as best I could in the shower and finishing up once I got out. I had to add the leave in and serum to make detangling easier. I also noticed my hair has been shedding a lot lately. I will be incorporating garlic pre-poos in my regimen in the near future. I also noticed my edges have been thinning  This could be due to tension caused by bunning. I plan to do less buns after my relaxer. when I do decide to bun I will make sure they are not too tight. Maybe I'll try the Southern Tease bun. I also plan to purchase some Castor oil soon. 

What has been going on with your hair? What are your hair plans?


  1. NOW THAT'S A DRYER!!!! Very nice!!! Maybe I would roller set more if Santa would bring me one like THAT!

  2. I need a dryer too!!! Nothing much been going on with my hair. I am about 2 weeks post-relaxer so I'm just enjoying my hair with no new growth. Feels great!

  3. Oh hon, we are so in the same boat! 10 weeks post and it's driving me up the walls!! Right now I look like Curly Sue with bantu knot out so that I simply do not have to DEAL with the NG for a couple of days. Also planning to relax within the next couple of weeks, going to do a couple of light protein treatments instead of one hard one since I have the same detangling issues. And yeah, Santa, if you're listening, I want a dryer too!! Although I must say, it's summer here by me now and it is HOT and HUMID, so maybe I can get away without a hooded dryer for a couple of months still, lol.

  4. Yay!! I hope you love yours as much as I love mine!!

  5. OMGosh, I am so happy for you!!! I can hardly wait to hear how you like it over the next few months!