Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hair Update with Great News

This post is long over due! I know I have been MIA for a while, but I've had good reason. One main is reason is that I'm pregnant with a little girl and I just didn't feel well enough to do much with my hair. Here is what I'm doing/have done to my hair since my absence.

  • Washed and deep conditioned every 1-2 weeks
  • Flat ironed my hair 2x since November
  • Did a clear rinse
  • Tried Shea Moisture Deep Conditioner 
  • Did a flexi-rod set on wet hair (It was an epic fail because I didn't let them dry long enough).
  • Flexi-rod set on dry hair.
  • Restocked on my staples (Will share in a future post)
  • Purchased a few new products (Again will share in a future post. If you follow me on instagram you already know.)
  • Made my 1 year relaxed healthy hairversary on December 4, 2012!
  • Reached my goal of full APL!
That's pretty much what has been going on to my hair. I'm in my second trimester so I feel much better now. I plan to do much more with my hair. I can say that since being pregnant my new growth seems to be much more manageable. I'm wondering if I'm retaining any length at all because my new growth has not been out of control. I'm currently 14 weeks and 2 days post relaxer. I plan on stretching my relaxer until after I have the baby if my stretch continues to be this smooth. I've relaxed my hair while pregnant with my son so I'm not afraid that it will harm him. I'm really prolonging my stretch because I don't feel up to self-relaxing and I don't trust anyone else to relax my hair. 

My goals for the next 4 months will go as follow. 
  • Wash hair every 2 weeks. Washing weekly will just be too much for me as my pregnancy progresses. 
  • Use the steam room in the gym. I can not wait to see the results of steam on my hair. I may be able to justify purchasing a steamer in the future. 
  • Try roller-setting with magnetic rollers.This will help with my stretch
  • Wear a satin scarf to be everyday.
  • M&S as needed! 
  • Blog more frequently
  • Soak up as much information as possible on natural hair so I can successfully take care of my daughter's hair.
Thank you all for sticking by me during my absence. Your continued support is much appreciated! I have been keeping up with all the blogs I follow. I just have not been posting comments due to time and pure laziness. I promise to do better. I hope you all reaching your hair goals. Until next time keep growing!

Blutiful Blaq


  1. Congrats. Hope you have a safe and healthy pregnancy.

  2. Congratulations on the baby and your hairversary!!!

  3. Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!! That's wonderful news.

    Like you, I have been away from my blog - I feel very guilty about not posting regularly or commenting on other blogs that I read regularly.

    I look forward to hearing how you stretch progresses during your pregnancy.

  4. Aww. Congratulations. A baby girl. We understand. Thanks for updating us. Full APL? Your hair seemed longer than APL to me last time I saw it.

    Also, check to make sure you can go into steam room while pregnant. I thought that while pregnant you couldn't use steam room/ saunas.

  5. Congrats on your bundle of joy!!!!!Wishing you a wonderful pregnancy

  6. Wow - that is so exciting!!!! Congratulations on your baby girl. I wish you the best during your pregnancy. Perhaps you'll see a boost in hair growth :-).

    Congrats on celebrating your 1 year hairversary AND making your goal! HHJ

  7. Nice article! You have such great blog and very resourceful. Anyways Congratulations on your Baby girl. :-)