Wednesday, July 10, 2013

June Goals Recap/July Goals

June Goals
  • Wash and deep condition my hair at least 1x Success! I actually deep conditioned 3 times
  • Steam hair for at least 30 minutes using homemade steam method. (Will share in a later post). Failed
  • Clarify hair! Success! 
  • Do a set of two strand twists. Failed! I was a little discouraged when I found out it would take hours to complete.
  • Make homemade shea butter. Failed
  • Use castor oil on my scalp and edges at least 4x per week for at 2 weeks. Failed

As you can see I didn't do to well at obtaining my June goals. I plan to do much better with my July goals now that I am no longer pregnant and have more energy. Speaking of no longer being pregnant, my birth story post will be up within the next two weeks. I'm playing catch up with blog post. I also have to find the time to post with having a two year old and a newborn to tend to. Patience is much appreciated!

July Goals
  • No direct heat (with exception of the time I used it 7/2/13)
  • Steam hair for at least 30 minutes using homemade steam method.
  • Do set of medium two strand twists
  • Do braidout
  • Make homemade shea butter
  • M&S every other day and as needed
  • Use castor oil on scalp and edges every other day and as needed
  • Return to weekly or biweekly wash days
  • Start back working out at least 3 times a week
How did you do with your June goals? What are your July goals? Share the links below!


  1. It's not easy caring for a newly born and yourself at the same time. You managed to achieve some which is ok.

  2. Good luck with your goals this month, can't wait to read about your birth story post! :)