Saturday, July 14, 2012

HOTD (Mobile Post)

I'm pretty excited to share my hair of the day. I finally got my first successful two-twist bantu knot. To achieve this look I moisturized my hair with Hawaiian Silk 14-n-1 and sealed with EVOO. I then two strand twisted my hair and wrapped it as seen in numerous YT videos. I let it sit in overnight (about 12 hours) and took it down with EVCO. I love the way it came out. This will be a frequent style of mine for the summer because it blends my three textures well.


  1. Your hair looks so soft and full. Love the soft waves!

  2. beautiful! i always try bantu knot outs on wet hair and it is often a fail. I think ill try one on dry hair soon.

    1. Mine defineitly come out better on dry hair and when my roots are straight.

  3. Your hair looks beautiful. It came out nice!

  4. This is really cute~love the soft waves!