Thursday, April 19, 2012

50 Book Summer Reading Challenge (Non Hair Related)

As I've stated in a previous post I absolutely love to read. This was my favorite past time ever since I was a child. My reading for enjoyment as declined tremendously since entering nursing school. During the summer months I try to pick back up on my reading, but lately has become a little difficult due to being a new mother. Now that my son is a little more independent and school will be completed in 14 days, I will have a little more time to read. With this being said I've decided to create a summer reading challenge for myself. At first I wanted to read 100 book by August, but thought I might be stretching myself just a bit.

This challenge will be from today 4/19/12 through 9/22/12. I chose September 22, because it is the first day of fall. Anyone is free to join in on the challenge. You can set your own number of books to be completed by the date and read any type of books you would like. I will be updating my blog on my progress at least once a month. I will also be starting a challenge for my son. I plan to have 100 books read to him by 9/22/12. The books can be read by anyone. Last summer I took him to the reading sessions for infants at my local library. I plan to continue that this summer as well as incorporate the ones at Barnes and Noble now that is a little older and more interactive.

My first book for the challenge is The Help by Kathryn Stockett.


  1. Oh what an excellent idea! I plowed through the Hunger Games series and now I'm back acting like I'm not literate. I used to read so much and I definitely need to get back to reading more. I choose to accept this challenge, but since I have always been a slow reader, I KNOW I won't reach 100, but I will definitely give it a try. I guess I better get back to trying to finish, "Like Water For Elephants" or whatever it's called (lol).

    1. Yaaay! Thanks for joining. And I don't think I can do 100 either right now. That's why I set my goal for 50. Next summer I plan to get through 100.