Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Quick Update/ Hair Babble

I just wanted to give you all a brief update on what I have been doing to my hair. I use this blog to give out information to those seeking as well as a journal for myself. So here it goes.
  • Co-Washing has been myFF! It makes my hair feel very soft and moisturized.
  • NTM Daily Conditioner works wonders on my hair when I DC on dry hair. I may be purchasing this product again.
  • I think I HE LTR is a keeper. I love how soft my hair is when I use it further into my stretches. If the new formula is anything like the old one, it may be a keeper.
  • The last two bullets have proves that you need to try out a product for a few months before you can truly give a review. I thought HE LTR and NTM were not for me, but I guess I just had to find out how they work for me.
  • I'm terrible when it comes to oiling my scalp. I think the reason is because I ran into trouble with transferring EVCO in my applicator bottle and the EVOO was causing my scalp to itch. I then remember that I had some Hemp Seed Oil I had yet to open. I used that to oil my scalp and I'm not sure I will use it for that purpose again. It smells like egg yolk.
  • I have done 2 flexi rod sets on dry hair so far. The first set I used only two flexi rods and on the second set I used 6. I like the results of the one where I used six. I used HE LTR and this products works great for Flexi-Rod sets.
  • I purchased Proclaim Polishing Gloss and so far I'm not sold. IC Fantasia definitely works better. I use the proclaim for flexi sets and buns. I will continue to use in order determine if this is a keeper.  
  • I used the ORS HAIRepair Intense Moisture Creme on my scalp and I love the way it felt. I only had two small sample packs. I'm thinking of purchasing this product in the future.
  • My edges have improved since the beginning of my HHJ. I may purchase some Castor Oil to help speed up the process some time in my.
  • My stretch is finally coming to an end! I will be relaxing some time next week before my graduation. I will have a post soon on how I plan to prepare for my relaxer.
Until next time you all stay blessed!


  1. This was an awesome update! I think these are like my favorite types of posts from hair bloggers. Oh...and you know you're wrong for not posting pics of those dry-flexirod sets, right?! lol

    1. I do have pics that I will be putting up later this week. It will be a collage of most of this months hairstyles.