Monday, April 9, 2012

March Recap and April Goals

Lets see how I did with my March goals
1.At least least 3 Flexi-Rod Sets- Pass! I did one full set and two flexi-ponytail sets. I wish I had taken pics of those sets. 
2. Wash Day Weekly (Sunday is wash Day)-Pass! I co-washed some weeks and didn't use shampoo, but a wash is a wash.
3. Stick to Regimen-Pass! I'm starting to see great results too! Can't wait to see my progress when I relax next month.
4. M&S every night- Fail!! I'm so terrible with this.  I have to do better this month, especially since my new growth is extremely thick. I can't afford breakage at my line of demarcation. 
4. Oil Scalp at least 3 times per week- Fail! Laziness!
5. No direct heat- Fail. I only say this because I flat-ironed my roots when I did my flexi-set. This is permitted in the roller-set challenge though. I should have been more specific with this goal.

 April Goals

  1. M&S nightly
  2. Oil scalp at least 3x/wk
  3. wrap hair with a satin scarf nightly
  4. Co-wash at least 1x/wk- This is very important since I'm further along in my relaxer stretch.
  5. DC 1x/wk- I'll probably do this with my co-wash on dry hair because my responds well to DCing on dry hair. Doing it this way also eliminates a step when washing. 
  6. Wash at least bi-weekly- I will attempt to wash weekly, but with 25 days left before graduation I have an exit exam, paper, last exams, and finals. I don't want to commit to more than I can handle.
  7. Low manipulative styles 95% of the time. I will probably bun so that I won't have to manipulate my new growth.
  8. No direct heat- I only plan on one set this month for the roller-setting challenge and then it's back to bunning.

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  1. I look forward to your progress also. I am so glad that your regimen is realistic and reflects your upcoming busy schedule. I haven't done so well on no heat and doing my rollersets, but since I've gotten my summer highlights I am back to business!