Friday, February 17, 2012

Random Hair Babble

I think my hair has grown! Yeah!!! Even though I have not done an official length check I can tell my hair has grown since the start of my HHJ.

Yesterday while doing my precept at the hospital my patient told me my hair was long. I almost laughed because using consider my hair even close to being long. But if did help me feel good. Even though I did a very long and hard 12.5 hour shift I came home washed my hair and DCed my hair overnight.

For the first time since my HHJ I went two weeks without washing my hair. I just did not have the time. I like air drying my hair and I did not want to go to class or clinical with wet hair. This was not going to happen especially with it being cold in South Carolina.

I purchased 2 new hair goodies. I needed a liquid moisturizer/leave in. I wanted one without protein, but that is soooo hard for find. I decided to try the Hawaiian Silky 14-n-1 in the green. and white bottle. I also picked up a clear rinse that I'm debating on trying. I think gonna try it tonight since I want to flat iron my hair.

I'm purchasing my hair dryer next month. It will really help me. Reduce the urge to use heat and I can finally try some wet roller sets.

I have decided I do not like HE LTR. While it smells great, its not a great moisturizer. I'm gonna use this bottle up and I will not e repurchasing.

I'm hungry. Time to go eat and finish my hair. I'm still DCing.

Have a happy and blessed weekend!

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