Sunday, December 4, 2011

Blutiful Beginnings

I was browsing the web one day when I came across a healthy hair blog. After reading a few entries I became almost obsessed with finding out more info. Who would have thought so many black women are on a hair journey to long, healthy hair! I think I spent about a week of intense research before I decided this is something I wanted to do. I've had shoulder length or a little past my shoulder since I was in middle school. After I had my son in Jan 2011 my hair began to shed excessively. And now my hair is a little above my shoulders and it is not retaining its length. Well today I officially started my HHJ. I'll share my hair regimen, first experience, and results in the next post. I'm very excited and ready to dedicate myself to obtaining bra strap length hair!


  1. Welcome to the hair care world, soror. Good luck on your HHJ!

  2. Quick question, Are you a Zeta?