Friday, December 16, 2011

Product Junky?

Who knew starting a HHJ could cost a pretty penny. This is especially true if u don't have a lot of hair products. I'm so use to going to the shop for just about everything. I noticed that I might be turning into a product junky. Well I wouldn't go that far. But now I notice I can not go in a store that sell hair products without going for a browse. I pay extra attention to the products on my wish list or those that I've seen a ton of reviews on. I almost always pick something up. I have this bad habit f trying a product in the store b4 I buy it. Well not really trying it but I do put a little on my finger (mainly conditioners and shampoos). I did that with Herbal Essence's LTR and I had to buy it. It had my hair sooo moisturized! I may be Speaking too soon but I wouldn't be surprised if this becomes a staple.

Well today I plan to co-wash, deep condition, and straighten or curl my hair with heat. This is my first time using heat on my HHJ. I will use Argon oil as a heat protectant. I want to try out the new curlers my Love got me for Christmas. Well I'm gearing up for Longing4Length's roller wrap challenge. It is my first challenge and I'm looking forward to winning some cool prizes! Yeah I'm claiming it. But I'll post very soon about the challenge and my goals for the challenge.


  1. Don't worry about it. It's normal to be somewhat of a pj when you're just starting out on your hhj because you're not sure what your hair likes and dislikes yet. It'll take some trial and error (and some cash) but once you figure your hair out, you'll be able to eliminate a lot of your products.

    When I started out I was using everything I read about on the forums but now I'm good with just the basics: water, oil, one shampoo, one deep conditioner, and a moisturizer.

  2. Girl, it CAN be expensive. Its so hard to resist purchasing new things to try and incorporate into your HHJ even after you've become a vet in the game! I go thru random buying cycles! lol.

    So glad ur excited about the challenge!!!