Thursday, December 29, 2011

What happened to all my hair??

*Taken April 2009*

I was looking back at old pictures that were taken within the last 6 years and was stunned with my discovery. My hair was much longer and thicker. It really shocked me how I had not noticed the difference. I knew my hair was a little shorter than what it u
se to be, but I was not aware how big of a difference it was. It's not a huge difference like From BSL to SL. However, it is a difference I shuld have noticed.

I had my son almost a year ago and ever since then I have been battling with excessive shedding. It is so bad that of you stood too close I would get hair all over you! I shed a lot between seasons, but this is like 10 times worse.

I recently started trying to get this shedding undr control. I tried the black tea rinse and I didn't notice a big difference. I will try two more before I give up on that. I also plan on getting garlic shampoo (no scent) and add this in my regimen about twice a month. I really want to avoid garlic supplements if possible. Those will be my absolute last resort! I really do hope something works and soon! What has helped you battle shedding?


  1. Black tea rinses have helped me with my shedding, you can also try doing a search on one of the forums for blackstrap molasses because I know molasses treatments are supposed to help with shedding too... HTH!

  2. Shika-Thanks! I have not heard about the molasses. I will definitely do some research on that before I invest in this garlic conditioner.

  3. I've never tried black tea rinses, but I noticed a decrease when I started drinking protein shakes. Your hair was (still is) beautiful!