Sunday, December 11, 2011

The not so Wash Day

So today was suppose to be a wash day, but things didn't go as planned. I did not The opportunity to wash my hair and I doubt I will get through it tonight. I still have to go home and cook dinner. I will wash tomorrow after u get home from the gym. I'm thinking about doing a braidout til I think if another style.

Yesterday I tried EVOO "pre-poo" yesterday. Well it was more like Real Queen's Greenhouse Effect. I put EVOO on my scalp and hair, put on a plastic cap, and a scarf. I went to bed and let it sit in. My hair was so soft in the morning. Too oily, but soft. It worked wonders on my new growth.

I think I have the potential to become a product junkie. I can't go in a store without stopping through the beauty supply aisle. I went to Sallly's and bought the tangle tamer. I'm really excited to be trying it out. I even got a $5 off any order $5 or more. So I plan on going back sometime next month when the new sales kick in. I have a few things on my "wish list" that I am dying to get. I will share my list in a later post.

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