Thursday, January 5, 2012

I 'HEART" One n' Only Argon Oil and ORS Moisturizing Lotion

The title says it all. My hair loves both of these products. I've been using the Argon Oil for a month now. At first I wasn't impressed and didn't think I would be purchasing this item again. But after a month of using it I noticed how shiny my hair has gotten. I use it as a heat protectant before I blow dry and/or flat iron my hair.  I also use it to seal with nightly. I've even read reviews of women using it on their skin. I have not used it for my skin, but I can imagine the results! It's a very light oil and a little goes a long way. It has a light fragrance that is even allows me to use it on my son's hair. I also used this product on my scalp a few times, but noticed it was too light. I personally prefer EVOO on my scalp. I put the oil in an applicator bottle and never used the actual  spray bottle.

The ORS Moisturizing Lotion leave my hair moisturized all day! It's funny how I returned the ORS product before trying it because I thought it was too heavy for my hair. It's not heavy at all and it smells really good. I think it smells a lot like ORS' Replenishing Conditioner. I think I even like this product better than LTR. To me it last longer! I only purchased the sample size, but I will definitely be purchasing the standard size!


  1. Ooh... This is making the product junkie in me very excited.

  2. I like the Argan oil to seal too! But to flat iron, Chi Silk Infusion is the bee's knees for me!!

    Great post for us PJs!

  3. MrsDjRass- I know that feeling all too well.

    Shika- I hear a lot about Chi but have yet to try it. Maybe one day I will.

  4. I love the argan oil also! i'm not repurchasing only because I have so many serum-y things I like but I do reallllly like it too!