Saturday, January 7, 2012

To Self-Relax or not to Self-Relax?

That is the question!!! I really don't know if I want to relax my own hair or go to the shop. Here are the pros and cons I came up with for self relaxing.

1. I could save money
2. Money saved could be added to my dryer fund.
3. I'd have total control over what happens to my hair.

1. Time consuming!
2. I want my hair trimmed. (I am considering doing it myself since I've watched enough YouTube videos).
3. I don't have a dryer to sit under to DC (I could always use the towel method).

So what are your thoughts??


  1. I would have liked to get it relaxed at a salon, but I self-relaxed to save money. And you can trim by yourself, just don't be too adventurous the first time.

  2. I've been self-relaxing with no issues up until about 4 years ago. Then I started going to the salon faithfully for them. Truthfully Im not satisfied with y trimming results with my stylist. Seems like every time I go get my ends trimmed I leave with people thinking I cut my hair. This could be d/t te excessive shedding as well.

    And I will not cut too much! Fair too cautious for that. Plus my ends are not terrible. Thanks for the feed back!

  3. I am definitely an advocate of the salon IF you have a trusted stylist. I always have gotten the best results at a salon and when it comes to self trimming, I just won't do it. Even when I self relaxed, I'd go to Supercuts or Great Clips to have them trim my hair. However, if you are unhappy with your stylist or haven't been able to find one, self-relaxing is the way to go. I figure I really don't spend that much bc most of us stretch our relaxers so we aren't going to the salon every 6 wks anymore, you know?

  4. I do trust her and her prices are very reasonable. I just hate the way she trims my hair. I think once I get this shedding under control I can decide of my hair is thinning and getting shorter due to that or her trims. Thanks for the advice. I'm gonna get a relaxer on Thurs so I'll have my mind made up by then.